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This place is in dire need of an update. Thank you for sticking around :) Updates will follow :)

Anonymous: How many episodes of snk are there?

Don’t ask me things you could as well google: www.google.com.

Anonymous: I'm new to te snk fandom and I watched all the episodes so far and I was wondering if that's the end of it? Or are they making more episodes?

There will be a second season sometime next year I think. Not too sure about that. But all I can say is: read the manga, my child. read the manga.

And it is far from finished.

you-are-a-turtle: I love you blog!!! :D <3 This is now my favorite SNK blog

thanks! (ノʘ‿ʘ)ノ

Anonymous: THIS BLOG EXISTS I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Seriously, though, you and your blog are just awesome.

thank you!

ethniccarnage: THIS IS PURE GOLD I AM DYING (crying and laughing... im so conflicted)

i’m glad you like it


Sorry for being away for so long, guys! I’m back now tho!

I’m taking ideas/prompts for graphics if there is anything particular you want to see. Just send an ask. http://justshingekinokyojinthings.tumblr.com/ask

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